Jewelry you should never wear because of their evil powers.
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Diamonds might usually be a girl’s best friend but buying one of these pieces of jewelry could affect more than just your bank balance. Many necklaces or rings come steeped in history, and most of them can be traced back through a few generations of family and have some heartwarming meaning to them. But not all of them have a happy history. The jewelry we’ll be showing you today is the type that you’ll want to stay far away from. The owners of these pieces have found themselves suffering horrendous illnesses, tragic endings, and financial ruin. They might look good, but there’s certainly more to them than meets the eye. From beautiful crowns worn by royalty to headdresses passed on as a thank you present, these well-meaning jewels have come back to bite their owners in ways that you might never have imagined. Some might call these accidents nothing more than bad luck, but at what point does it become just too coincidental?

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