What does a polished aluminum foil ball look like inside? We are cutting open two polished foil balls with saw, axe and angle grinder.

1st polished aluminum foil ball video

2nd polished aluminum foil ball video

Hog Splitter Video (coming soon)

Bearded axe video


Check out the video explaining Becca's injuries.

CDC website on Aluminum health effects

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Toad Hunting!!!! Catching toads with my toddlers for fun.

We have tons of Fowler's toads here in Virginia and my boys love to catch them for fun. Once or twice a summer I let the boys stay up late and go catc...

Fight Ninja Discrimination - Magnetic Ninja Throwing Star Bandolier!!!🗡️😍😍😍

Help us fight Ninja discrimination! With many concealed weapons laws targeting people who self identify as ninjas we built this awesome open carry nin...

Casting Mirror Polished Brass Ball from Molten Brass (Japanese Aluminium Foil Ball Sequel)

In this video i'm casting a mirror polished brass ball from molten brass shells. This video was requested A LOT after i published the Mirror Polished ...

Battle Axe Restoration - Crazy Bulgarian Bearded Axe

I got this battle axe from Bulgaria and I am going to restore it. Got to remove the rust, make an axe handle and mount the head on the handle. This i...

Survival food TASTE TEST - MRE, freeze dried food and Emergency prep food

The whole outdoor boys family taste tests survival, camping and emergency prep food from campingsurvival.com. Zombie Apocalypse Fishing Challenge h...

Metal Detecting an Old Playground - 1 hr challenge! Treasure hunting finds

Me, Tommy and Nathan go treasure hunting in an old playground using my metal detector and we see how much we can find in 1 hr. Metal detecting is an a...