Howie Mandel Won't Sit Down

Ellen did a walk-and-talk with her friend, Howie Mandel, who had a goal to reach.

Daniel Fernandez's Amazing Illusions

Armed with a deck of cards and some magical skills, magician Daniel Fernandez made his national TV debut!

Lior the Mentalist Blows Your Mind on 'GMA'

The so-called "mind bender to the stars" plays one of his tricks live from Times Square.

Magician Dan White Plays Hand Pocket with Jimmy Fallon

Dan White tries to guess if Jimmy is holding a coin in his hand or pocket by making him think of random objects, colors and people. Subscribe NOW to...

'Dice with Ellen'!

Ellen played a giant version of her new game, giving a lucky audience member a chance to win really, really big! You can get "Dice with Ellen" for yo...

Smoothini: Bar Magician SECRET REVEALED Flies Through Amazing Tricks - Americas Got Talent

BUY SPONGE BALLS HERE: (use the code Chopper for 10% off) BUY THUMB TIPS HERE: h...