so this game is annoying to me.
No hate.
plaease I have my own opinions.
This was to make fun of it.

The Last 100 Years Portrayed By The Amazing World Of Gumball

Thank you everyone that has been enjoying these portrayed by videos so far. I am very happy with how well they do and more is to come in the near futu...

Types of Annoying People Portrayed by Gumball

Sorry for another portrayed video. Im going to camp and it will impact the upload of my videos.

The Amazing World of Gumball | Paying the Bills | Cartoon Network

Nicole just wants to pay her cable bill at Chanax, but everything seems to get in her way. She decides she’s taking it straight to the top, to the fou...

Random Video Games portrayed by The Amazing World of Gumball

This is a reupload of a video I made that got reported because of copyright infringement so I removed the part that caused it None of the content of ...

[DDLC] Monika in a nutshell

re-upload because Bernal gave me idea