so this game is annoying to me.
No hate.
plaease I have my own opinions.
This was to make fun of it.

Sayori‘s Lament [DDLC Fanimation Fandub]

Trigger warning: This video may contain thoughts of depression, sadness and other things relating to depression. If this does not float your boat, th...

Monika's Basics in Education and Learning (Baldi DDLC Mod)

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Me playing DDLC (Amazing World of Gumball parody)

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"Why Did I Say Okie Doki?” Minecraft DDLC Animated Music Video (Song By The Stupendium)

Thanks for watching our music video! Hope you all enjoyed! :D ALTERNATE ENDING: Song by The Stupendium:

Monika Can't Help Falling in Love with You (Animatic)

"Emily, I thought you said you weren't gonna make any more DDLC videos" WELL......OR3O came out with this beautiful cover on Valentines Day and I simp...

"Insanity" | DDLC Minecraft Music Video [Song by Dolvondo]

Rendered with FOX Renderfarm: BUY INSANITY! Itunes ▶