I turned off comments because you kept spamming the same unoriginal things

what is the worst idea
yours is being uncreative
how do you lose the idea
i talk uncreatively

Now where you hear this blueberry
kill me please, what do I hear?
It's also an exciting new blueberry
Maybe to me, but not to you
I hear stupid hair idling along and frowning at you
I hear what you mean
'Cause you're talking uncreatively

So take a listen to my face (boo)
I use my face to kill myself
That looks exciting
I use my face to kill myself

Now, when I listen to the grass underground, don't I find it boring?
Come on, listen again (Oh)
I can hear a shoe, I can hear a gnu
I can hear a woman with the flu
I can hear a cat, I can hear a rat
I can hear a deviantart picture of a furry getting fat

Think I'm getting the hang of it now
Using my feet to have a bad time
You will paint a sound of a hamburger
Whoa there idiot, you need to speed up

Here's a bad tip (no) of how to be an uncreative wiz adult
Go and collect all the water and fire and arrange them into your least favorite color
orange, green, red
i like red
no more things that you don't need to know after you let your uncreativety stop
watch your lungs, watch the drought
watch the pictures in your feet
Come on girls, let's get uncreative
Now let's all disagree to be creative again

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