The After Hours Diesel race truck is an absolute monster... seriously a freaking BEAST of a truck!

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Leroy Stripped Corvette vs. RAT ROD Race!

Decided to line up Leroy vs Jimmy's Rat Rod... dang thing was faster than I thought! **MERCHANDISE: “DO IT FOR DALE” Cleetus/1320Video T-Shirt - ht...

Easiest Way To BLOW Your Engine... Tried It Anyway!

NOW THAT IS HOW YOU DO IT FOR DALE MY FRIENDS!!! **MERCHANDISE: “DO IT FOR DALE” Cleetus/1320Video T-Shirt - Cleetus "Twin Tu...

My NEW Truck! I Finally Own a Diesel!

THE DAY HAS COME, I got a diesel!!! Cleetus "Twin Turbskies" T-Shirts - -Precision Turbo (turbos, BOV, waste gates) - http://w...

I Think I LOVE an Import... MightyCarMods Cresta Pulls

CLEETUS MERCH - We rode in the MCM Cresta!!! -Leroy's ECU (Holley Dominator) - -Precision Turbo (turbos, ...

Sleeper Diesel Truck SMOKES Supercar on the Street! - 1200HP/2000TQ

This beast literally smokes the competition! Today we feature Ivan's 2002 diesel powered Silverado, putting down an impressive 1200WHP/2000+ftlb. This...

Leroy's First Fire Up w/NEW 1500hp LSX Engine! Sounds Like BALD EAGLES!!!

LEROY LIVES with his new LSX 427 heart! CLEETUS MERCH - Sweepstakes Rules: Sign up t...