The Sofa
Mr Bean tries to watch his TV shows with Teddy, but as he tries to find the remote a spring comes out of his sofa. More springs subsequently come out. He decides to buy a new sofa, but cannot afford the cost of £300. He decides to have a yard sale, but all his stuff is removed while he is rescuing Teddy.

Neighbourly Bean
Mr Bean wants to watch a program quietly on telly, but the neighbours won't keep the noise down. The only absolute quiet place is the closet, unfortunately, it ended so he decides to take revenge by recording their noises and uses it to keep the neighbours awake.

Bean Shopping
Mr. Bean is locked in a department store overnight and has the time of his life.

The Lift
Mr Bean goes on a lift to the top floor of a toy shop, but Teddy gets stuck in the doors and jams the lift. After the firemen pry open the elevator doors and freed Teddy, Mr. Bean bought the last toy car and gave it to the young boy in exchange for his Teddy.

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