1.Walt Disney Pictures Intro

~"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"~
2.With A Smile And A Song
3.I'm Wishing
4.One Song
5.Someday My Prince Will Come

6.Cinderella Medley

~"Sleeping Beauty"~
7.Once Upon A Dream

~"Alice in Wonderland"~
8.Alice in Wonderland


~"The Lion King"~
10.Circle of Life
11.Can You Feel The Love Tonight

~"Beauty and the Beast"~
15.Home(Beauty and the Beast The Broadway Musical)
17.Be Our Guest
18.If Can't Love Her(Beauty and the Beast The Broadway Musical)
19.Something There
20.Human Again(Beauty and the Beast The Broadway Musical)
21.Beauty and the Beast
22.The Mob Song

~"The Little Mermaid"~
24.Fathoms Below
25.Main Titles
27.Daughters of Triton
28.Part of Your World
29.Under the Sea
30.Part of Your World(Reprise)
31.Poor Unfortunate Souls
32.Tour of the Kingdom
33.Les Poissons
34.Kiss the Girl
35.Happy Ending

36.Baby Mine

~"Winnie the Pooh"~
37.Winnie the Pooh

38.When Will My Life Begin?
39.When Will My Life Begin?(Reprise2)
40.I've Got A Dream
41.I See The Light

~"The Aristocats"~
42.Scale and Arpeggio
43.Everybody Want's to be a Cat

~"Pete's Dragon"~
44.It's Not Easy

45.Arabian Nights
46.One Jump
47.One Jump(Reprise)
48.Proud of Your Boy
49.A Million Miles Away(Aladdin The Broadway Musical)
50.Friend Like Me
51.Prince Ali
52.A Whole New World

~"Peter Pan"~
53.You Can Fly!
54.Second Star to The Right

~"Oliver and Company"~
55.Good Company

56.Just Around The Riverbend
57.Color of the Wind
59.If Never Knew You

~The Hunchback of Notre Dame~
60.The Bells of Notre Dame
61.Out There
62.Topsy Turvy
63.God Help the Outcasts
64.Heaven's Light

66.The Court of Miraclese

68.Go the Distance
69.Go the Distance(Reprise)3
70.Zero to Hero
71.I Won't Say I'm in Love

~"The Jungle Book"~
72.Bare Necessities

73.Yo Ho(A Pirate's Life for Me)

~"Steamboat Willie"~
74.Steamboat Willie Medley

~"Puppy Love"~
75.Puppy Love

~"The Three Little Pigs"~
76.Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf

77.Do You Want To Build A Snowman
78.For The First Time In Forever
79.Love Is an Open Door
80.In Summer
81.Let It Go

82.Le Festin

~"Monsters Inc."~
83.If I Didn't Have You
84.Boo's Going Home

~"Toy Story"~
85.Andy's Birthday
86.You've Got A Friend In Me

~"Toy Story2"~
87.When She Loved Me

88.Married Life

~"The Nightmare Before Christmas"~
89.This is Halloween

~"Star Wars"~
90.The Imperial March(Darth Vader's Theme)

~"The Rescuers"~
91.Someone's Waiting for You

92.You'll Be In My Heart

~"Princess and the Frog"
93.Almost There

94.True Love's Kiss
95.Happy Working Song
96.That's How You Know
97.So Close

98.Love is a Song

~"Tokyo Disneyland/Tokyo Disney Sea"~
99.Magical Moments

100.When You Wish Upon A Star

All songs Arranged and Performed by kno

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