Spoiler Alert: They taste like sh!t
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DIY Glow in the Dark ORBEEZ Soap! w/SHANE - MEN VS PIN

Watch Rob & Shane make EDIBLE ORBEEZ: Watch Corinne & Shane play with Vibrators:

DIY Bubble Wrap Sign - Man Vs Pin ASMR - Pinterest Test #69

Bloody Bubble Wrap! Trigger Warning: All the sh!t you don't want to see Subscribe Here: Check out this really f#cked up bub...

DIY Deep Fried Starbucks - Man Vs Fryer

Welcome back to the Deep Fried Madness! Subscribe to ThreadBanger HERE: MORE CONTENT!!!!!! Corinne's Personal Channel: http://ww...

Join our Holosexual Party | Threadbanger & Simply Nailogical vlog-ish

Here's a clusterf*ck of clips from the weekend where we went to visit Threadbanger in the Americas. Watch, like and subscribe if also no life. NAIL PO...

DIY Paint Filled Eggs - Kid Vs Pin

Kids these days! Check out my niece's making Watermelon Rice Krispy Treats Looking for some cool music fo...

DIY GIANT Elephant Toothpaste - Man Vs Science

Warning: DO NOT TRY AT HOME! This doesn't end well. Subscribe: Find us else where on the World Wide Webs: http://www.facebo...