Spoiler Alert: They taste like sh!t
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DIY Easter Egg Roulette - Man Vs Corinne Vs Pin + Giveaway

Download Best Fiends for FREE #PraiseTheSponsorship #ad Contest Details: Follow these steps - Like this Vid...

DIY Cork Bath Mat, Corinne VS Pin #37

Put a cork in it. Snapchat: Corinneleighz Find us else where on the World Wide Webs:

Our House Flooded - Man Vs House Ep.5

NEVER BUY A 100 yr OLD HOUSE!!! Thanks to Lowes for Sponsoring this shindig. Check out The Crafted Workshop HERE:

DIY Glow In The Dark Doughnuts - GLONUTS - Man Vs Instagram #2

Doughnut or Donut? Either way, these things Glow in the dark and that's pretty cool in our book. #whatbook? Subscribe to ThreadBanger HERE: http://bit...

Join our Holosexual Party | Threadbanger & Simply Nailogical vlog-ish

Here's a clusterf*ck of clips from the weekend where we went to visit Threadbanger in the Americas. Watch, like and subscribe if also no life. NAIL PO...

DIY Metallic Slimes! Pink, Gold, Crunchy Slimes!

Hey guys! Today we're making metallic slimes! Pink Metallic Slime, Gold Metallic Slime, & CRUNCHY Metallic Slime!!! ORDER MY SLIME RECIPE BOOK HERE!!...