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The First Super Saiyan

Video Title:The Saiyan of Legend (Origins) Music Qualities by the incredible HalusaTwin https://www.youtube.com/user/AgentMoonReturns History of the...


Dragon Ball Super Broly the Movie just released it's 3rd trailer today, giving us tons of information on the story, designs, animations, and more. We ...

Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie Trailer - New Plot Synopsis Breakdown

Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie Trailer. New Plot Synopsis Explained, Goku vs Broly, Vegeta, Freeza Scene and Future Dragon Ball Series ► https://bit.ly...

Goku vs Jiren Pelea Full Fight HD Pelea Completa Español

Goku vs Jiren Pelea Completa Goku vs Jiren full fight Goku pelea contra Jiren Goku migatte no gokui perfecto vs Jiren Full power Goku migatte no goku...

Revival of Broly: The ascension to Super Saiyan 4!

Broly's revival! / The resurrection of Broly! This is a What-If all the saiyans in the Z-Fighter team could reach Super Saiyan 4. Broly is revived / b...