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♦Just to let any and all new Slick Daddy Club members know, this is a community channel run by two people who are a part of the SDC. Our objective with this channel is to give people highlights who aren't able to watch Doc's livestreams (either due to work hours, etc.). We are huge fans of DrDisrespect and have been following him ever since September of 2016! We highly recommend following him on Twitch and catching him live for the FULL DrDisRespect experience!

♦On This Channel, we bring you guys the Best Moments caught on Livestreams on Twitch from DrDisRespectLive!

♦We are dedicated to bringing you the Most Ultimate Moments on Twitch and Biggest Moments Livestreamed from across the Internet on Twitch and Youtube!

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The Story of Sjokz

Sjokz is one of League of Legends’ most recognizable faces, bringing fans across the world some of the biggest moments the game has ever seen. But may...

Myth Reacts To Ninjas “Slip Up” On Stream! DrDisRespect Smashes Desk! (Daily Fortnite Highlights)

In todays video Myth finally reacts to Ninja saying the slip up. Even though Ninja obviously didn't mean any harm by it, he still has been under fire ...

DrDisRespect's Speech for Winning Streamer of the Year 2017!

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ESPORTS bonus reaction video on the React Channel! Watch the original videos featured in this episode! Sub...

When Fortnite Streamers Trash Talk Each Other

We've compiled all the best trash talk in Fortnite for you to enjoy. Click here to subscribe for more of the best Fortnite content:

Boom Goes the Dynamite

The worst sports guy in the history of the world!