My favorite games of 2017 (and 2016).

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10. Shovel Knight : Specter of Torment 0:51
9. Furi 1:17
8. Superhot 1:53
7. Dark Souls III 2:30
6. Hollow Knight 4:29

5. Doom 4:45
4. Cuphead 5:30
3. Sonic Mania 6:06
2. Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild 6:47
1. Super Mario Odyssey 7:43

Thumbnail art by Michael J Larson
Cupsouls by 64 bits
Gameplay by MKIceandFire
and Gameplay by RajmanGamingHD

Injustice 2

They didn't even put in The Rhino.

Getting Over It

From the orangutan who made QWOP. undertale piano song by TedescoCreations

Dunkey's Best of 2014

Here's the best games I played last year. Expand for the full list --------------------------------- 10. Speedrunners 9. Brutal Doom 8. Hohokum 7. Fa...

Bloodborne Dunk Souls

This game is like a hula-hoop contest at Don Oyster's house.

Arkham City Sucks

This game makes you feel like you watched your parents get gunned down in an alley. What were you thinking Rockstar ? Stick to the Shchumacher films b...