This is the greatest electronic arts controversy of All Time

10 Companies EA Bought, Then DESTROYED!!! | Fact Hunt

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The Most Savage man On Earth Rants: EA Game Changers

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EA Proves They're The WORST Company In America... AGAIN!! (Battlefront 2 Controversy)

If there is one thing EA has proven over the last 5+ years, it's that they are the undisputed WORST Company in America, possibly the world. And let me...

Call of Duty Gamers Kill a Man

Just a horrible story

EA's Responds to Star Wars Loot Box Rant! - [Angry Interview]

Paul Keslin of EA DICE talks with me for 30 minutes about how they have taken our feedback into account regarding the Loot Boxes for Star Wars Battlef...

RoboCop NES Games - Angry Video Game Nerd - Episode 151

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