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An entire episode of Friends without any dialogue:

I think we can all agree that laugh tracks are terrible. They're obnoxious, unnecessary, and an obvious waste of time- but exactly how much time? How much of an average episode of a sitcom like Friends is JUST laughter? That's the question I attempt to answer in this video.

This video was one I've been slowly writing for a few months, and one I had a ton of fun making. I know it's very different than anything I've put on this channel so I'm hoping you guys are on board. As you can probably tell, this was heavily inspired by the style of nerdwriter1 (, one of my personal favorite youtubers.

It's a weird video because it combines comedy and math- two things that are very different. But if you've followed me on here for a while, you know that math is a strangely consistent theme in a lot of my videos. For some reason a love of statistics is deeply ingrained in my brain and there's just nothing you can do to change that so stop trying please.

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