In a piece Ellen called "one of her favorite things Adam's ever done," he sent her writer to play tour guide on the first (and probably last) Los Angeles Wildlife Safari Tour. Watch as a group of unsuspecting sightseers spotted "wild" animals such as pigeons, cockroaches and even a moth on this fake Hollywood tour!


Ellen in Adam's Ear: Holiday Gift Wrapping Edition

To get in the holiday spirit, Ellen sent her writer Adam to a local mall to help wrap presents for an unsuspecting shopper. If you think you're a bett...

Kevin the Cashier at Rockefeller Center

For this round of hidden camera pranks, Ellen's writer Adam pretended to be a tour guide at Rockefeller Center. Enjoy!

Ellen's Hidden Camera Prank on a Hollywood Tour Bus!

If you've ever visited Hollywood, you may have taken a driving tour of some of the star-studded neighborhoods, but you've never taken one like this! U...

Ellen Surprises a Walgreens Cashier

Ellen surprised St. Louis, Missouri Walgreens cashier Mike Haynes, who we heard about from one of his regular customers, Stacy Tasman. She secretly st...

A Hilariously Epic Zombie Prank

Millicent's family convinced her that the zombie apocalypse was happening in a prank that's so funny, it's to die for.

Kevin the Cashier at the New York Public Library, Part 2

Kevin the Cashier, played by Adam, had so much fun with this hidden camera prank, we had to make two clips!