In a piece Ellen called "one of her favorite things Adam's ever done," he sent her writer to play tour guide on the first (and probably last) Los Angeles Wildlife Safari Tour. Watch as a group of unsuspecting sightseers spotted "wild" animals such as pigeons, cockroaches and even a moth on this fake Hollywood tour!


Ellen DeGeneres Laughing - The Best Of

These are all hilarious clips of Ellen cracking up. Don't you just have to laugh when you see her laugh?

Kevin the Cashier Does Halloween!

He might be the last person you'd want to run into behind a cash register, but he's the first person Ellen would want to put there! Ellen's writer, Ad...

Ellen in Your Ear at Dunkin' Donuts!

Ellen sent a fan to the new Los Angeles Dunkin' Donuts... with an earpiece to pose as an employee. See how he did!

Ellen's Most Elaborate Scare Prank Ever

Ellen found a viral video of snakes falling through a ceiling, so naturally, it gave her the idea to play a similar joke on her writer Alison, with hi...

Kevin the Cashier at the New York Public Library, Part 2

Kevin the Cashier, played by Adam, had so much fun with this hidden camera prank, we had to make two clips!

Adam Investigates: More 12 Days Gifts on Craigslist

Ellen had her writer Adam and 12 Days mascot Dasher set up a sting operation to catch people who were selling their 12 Days gifts on Craigslist. Meet ...