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Marvel has a lot of villains in its cinematic universe, but which ones stand above the rest when it comes to menacing Earth's Mightiest Heroes? To answer that increasingly complicated question, we've watched every MCU movie and ranked all of their many bad guys, from Batroc and Surtur to Whiplash and Thanos, and everyone in between. This list only focuses on tried-and-true villains, so you won't find reformed heroes like Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Nebula, or the Winter Soldier. We're talking 100 percent baddies through and through. So where does your favorite villain rank? Here's our spoiler-filled take on every MCU villain, ranked from worst to best...

Kurse | 0:39
Laufey | 1:06
Brandt and Savin | 1:40
The Scorpion | 2:02
Batroc the Leaper | 2:30
The Shockers | 2:58
Baron Von Strucker | 3:41
The Destroyer | 4:11
Justin Hammer | 4:41
General Ross | 5:23
Abomination | 5:57
Malekith | 6:30
Taserface | 7:02
Whiplash | 7:29
Raza | 7:55
Korath the Pursuer | 8:44
Ulysses Klaue | 9:30
Sonny Burch | 9:56
The Tinkerer | 10:49
The Prowler | 11:11
Ayesha | 12:09
The Chitauri | 12:46
Arnim Zola | 13:11
The Black Order | 13:38
Ronan the Accuser | 14:11
Yellowjacket | 14:52
Ghost | 15:17
Surtur | 16:16
The Mandarin | 16:53
Red Skull | 17:33
Kaecilius | 18:09
Crossbones | 18:46
Dormammu | 19:13
Alexander Pierce | 19:52

Aldrich Killian | 20:41
The Grandmaster | 21:22
Iron Monger | 21:57
Ultron | 22:47
Helmut Zemo | 23:25
Ego | 23:57
The Vulture | 24:46
Hela | 25:14
Erik Killmonger | 25:55
Loki | 26:45
Thanos | 27:23

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