Drive somebody crazy by hacking a cheap SpongeBob Toy. He's an evil sponge!

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Smokin' R/C Car Prank!

Play a smokin prank on your friend's R/C truck ►Check out my 'secret' classic videos: Be the first to find out a...

KINETIC SAND Made of Slick Slime Sam

Sue is very excited about the new toy, but Sam is trying to spoil it for her. Watch the video till the end to find out how to make kinetic sand out of...


I can't believe what I found in this claw machine!

Could this save you $10,000?

Could this gizmo save you thousand of dollars? Also, crazy horrified movie victims! I hope you enjoy this new series! Have fun! I will still be posti...

Kid Temper Tantrum Can't Believe What He Got In His FAN MAIL! - Fan Mail Opening II

Fan mail day! Kids can't believe what they got in their fan mail. Can you guess what the surprise is? Today Leland ( kid temper tantrum ) opens and r...

5 Fun and Easy SPINNING TOYS You Can Make!

Here are 5 fun and easy spinning tops you can make! Thanks to Thumbtack for supporting my show! Previous Video: http://bit.l...