As you take a journey back in time to visit your favorite team’s home stadiums, please keep in mind that we did not include international games as part of this video. Also, our maps and stadium “chips” are meant to help guide the story. The “chips” are markers and are not always meant to be exact replicas of actual stadiums; the maps are meant to be a “generic” representation of where the stadiums are located. And do us a favor, please load up the comments section with your favorite memories and stories of all the stadiums you’ve been to. Give everyone your top 5 favorite stadiums while you’re at it! And most importantly, enjoy getting to learn about the rich history of all the places NFL teams have played over the years!

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0:00 Intro
1:19 Bears
4:04 Cardinals
8:21 Packers
11:54 Giants
15:45 Lions
18:19 Washington
20:51 Eagles
25:07 Steelers
28:02 Rams

32:20 Browns
35:10 49ers
38:02 Colts
41:18 Cowboys
44:28 Bills
46:23 Broncos
48:40 Chiefs
51:45 Chargers
53:53 Raiders
57:12 Jets
59:44 Patriots
1:02:33 Titans
1:06:20 Vikings
1:10:11 Falcons
1:13:22 Dolphins
1:15:46 Saints
1:18:35 Bengals
1:22:05 Seahawks
1:25:16 Buccaneers
1:27:32 Ravens
1:28:55 Jaguars
1:30:35 Panthers
1:31:59 Texans

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