Inspired by the video "Famous People reacting to Demi Lovato by Matthew S, this is a compilation of the reactions of some celebrities to listen Christina Aguilera.

7 times Famous Singers SLAYED without MIC (pt.2) (Off-stage Real Voice)

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Top 10 performance That made coaches Cry in The voice Audition 2018

Names Contestants AND Songs: 1. Stephanie Skipper: "Piece By Piece" 2. Elina Ivaschenko: "1944" 3. Amber Sauer: "Shape of You" 4. Rayshun LaMarr: "Do...

Christina Aguilera & Ricky Martin Nobody Wants To Be Lonely WMA 2001

Christina Aguilera Ricky Martin and the stunning performance Give a thumbs up!!!

Famous People Reacting to Whitney Houston!!!!

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