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After Vy Qwaint made PROJECT ZORGO BOTTLES with NOTES vs NINJA & SPY Gadgets (Unboxing Haul Mysterious Riddles & Clues) and Chad Wild Clay created FOUND PROJECT ZORGO APPLE WATCH & EVIDENCE of MISSING DANIEL (Exploring Abandoned Clues & Riddles), Project Zorgo left their headquarters in the luxor, broke into the safe house and put a mind control DNA device experiment on Vy Qwaint. Project Zorgo changed the key to R and Vy Qwaint made a decipher wheel in real life to decode Project Zorgo's secret language. She figured out that PZ FRAMED CHAD! Vy and CWC found abandoned mystery bottles in Project Zorgo's car, like the Tesla Model X, which contains secret hidden clues in them. Chad and Vy solve the clues by unboxing spy and ninja gadgets from a mystery box haul. In this video, CWC and VQ go searching for Daniel because he went missing! While Vy and Chad search around Las Vegas, Vy finds many mysterious clues and riddles left from Project Zorgo. She even finds Daniel with Project Zorgo members!! Hopefully, he isn't taken for 24 hours and 3am. We need you ninjas to help solve these puzzles and clues! Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2018!

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