Look far out into the Atlantic ocean and watch the weather shift and the day come and go from 34 miles off the coast. Learn more about why this is called the "Frying Pan" live cam on @

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Deep Ocean: Lost World Of The Pacific Part 2 - David Attenborough Documentary HD

An underwater adventure in search of living fossils. The island of New Guinea in the Pacific Ocean sits on the equator, where immediately next to a ri...

Secret Life of the Long Haul Flight

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Sea Turtle on Frying Pan Shark cam. 11.32 / 25 February 2018

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Mystery Aircraft Engine Discovered - Merlin from the Deep

Crashed aircraft discovered off the South Coast - Two pieces of a second world war bomber found in the Sea. Sometime in the early 1980s a Rolls Royce...

Virtual Airports with Real World Air Traffic, ATC Audio and Real Time Weather

CHATROOM RULES: Like aviation please stick to English as a common language for moderators and users from all over the world. We have many viewers that...