We practice using our jet ski for emergency actions & training sometimes includes just having fun!

8 Types of PWC Riders You Will Meet On The Water

Here we discuss some of the PWC riders you will meet out on the water. I do own both a boat and PWC's so its coming from a common perspective.

Frying Pan Shoals


Key West Jet Ski Tour

Key West jet ski tour highlights

15 Cool Mini Boats and Tiny Watercraft

Did you know they make boats this small? Here is our list of 15 cool mini boats and tiny watercraft. *Website* 📱 https://mindseye.media *Mind's Eye...

Hurricane Sandy stole my maintenance ladder!

Or how to get onto the Frying Pan Tower when the ladder is missing. (think I'll go public on this video if for only a while... R)

Almost sank my jetski in the ocean!

Almost sank my jetski in the ocean! Yeah you read that right, this is no clickbait title.