Samsung's Galaxy Tab S6 is great, but can it take over the 2018 iPad Pro's spot as the best tablet in the world?
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Chargers & Batteries - 0:44
Design Differences - 1:10
Face ID vs Fingerprint Sensor - 2:13
Display Comparison - 3:13
Display Quality Compared - 4:40
120Hz ProMotion vs 60hz Display - 5:36
Pencil Lag Comparison - 6:08
Speaker Comparison - 6:26
Camera Comparison - 7:56
Performance Comparison - 8:41
Specs & Price Compared - 9:32
Conclusion / Better Value? - 11:00

In this video, we compare basically everything about the Galaxy Tab S6 and Apple's 2018 11" iPad Pro.

We take a look at design, displays, speakers, pencil lag, performance with Geekbench 4 and much more!

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