OH BOY IT'S A BIG ONE (the description is too)

it's been a holiday tradition round here to post a special video around this time of year, I've been too busy to do a fan voted top ten (SOON tho) so here is the ULTIMATE ARIN COMPILATION.

Basically, it's the first five Best of Egoraptor videos morphed into one marathon video with way smoother editing/pacing, all the old bad transitions and about an hour of fat cut out, remixed audio and re-rendered at a snazzy higher resolution.

I've wanted to do something like this for a while, it was cringe inducing to go back to the older videos especially the first one IT'S SO BAD why did anyone ever watch my Movie Maker era stuff.

There's also a sentimental value to this, when I posted Best of Ego 5 this past Spring I genuinely believed at the time that would be my last compilation ever. Now 8 months later not only am I still trucking along with a new home and two jobs (and little sleep) Best of Ego 6 is borderline a certainty for 2018...a year I wasn't that sure I would see at all

anyway hope y'all like this, enjoy the holidays and have a happy new year!

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