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A big thank you to LEGO and Warner Bros. for sponsoring this episode! When I told them we had never done a dinosaur Game Theory and wanted to try one with hybrid dinosaurs on LEGO Jurassic Park, they thought it was a pretty nifty idea.

ANOTHER big thanks to Robert Irwin and the Irwin family for being a part of this episode. Robert is an awesome dinosaur expert and works with his family at the Australia Zoo. They do some pretty amazing things for wildlife in Australia, so if you'd like to know more, check them out here:

LEGO Jurassic World seems like a far-fetched fantasy, but the reality of genetically-modified hybrid dinosaurs is much closer than you think. In this episode, we look across the board at advances in genetic engineering, from chickens with dinosaur beaks to glow-in-the-dark cats, showing that the hybrid dinosaurs you build in LEGO Jurassic World might be the same ones that science unleashes on us tomorrow. Watch if you dare...and please for the love of all that is holy, let's make better electric fences!

Twitter: @MatPatGT

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