Raw video: Daughter records tense exchange at doctor's office in Gainesville, Florida

Why We Should All Support Dr. Peter Gallogly | Incident Report MOBILE

The video of a doctor in Gainesville yelling at a patient and her daughter isn't all it appears to be...rather, it's a symptom of the abuse of medical...

Sucker punch sends victim to the hospital

Texas authorities launch manhunt for Alejandro Maldonado who attacked his victim from behind.

Doc Vader on Losing Your Temper in the ER |

WWVD (What Would Vader Do?)

Patient Records Doctor's Rude Comments While Under Anesthesia

In court documents, a patient claims he forgot to turn off his cell phone and accidentally recorded his anesthesiologist.

Juuling: the latest smoking trend to hit college campuses

Juuling is the latest smoking craze to hit college campuses. Juuls are a type of vaporizer designed to be so discreet that most people don't know ther...