In a sea of fast food competitors, White Castle stands out. Perhaps it's the small size of its iconic sliders, the mystique of its busy late night hours, or scarcity in certain states, but the company has been successful creating a "crave-worthy" business. Here are a few fun facts you should know before your next White Castle run.

Step aside, Harold and Kumar: Martin Kessman was a frequent customer of White Castle for an impressive 50 years, but he eventually became so overweight that he could no longer fit himself into the booths at his local Nanuet, New York, location. So Kessman sued White Castle in 2011 under the Americans with Disabilities Act for not providing him with six more inches of, quote, "gut space."

This lack of gut space became a real problem when Kessman tried to squeeze into one of the booths and injured his knee in the process.

Rather than shun White Castle burgers for good over the cramped seating, Kessman simply had his wife pick up his slider supply. The lawsuit was eventually dropped once White Castle renovated the location, providing proper gut space with new seating.

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