The McLaren Senna leads the way when it comes to road-legal cars with brutal track intent, but there's also an awful lot for a new owner to take in! During the handover day, you are taking on a full induction tour to cover lots of the ins and outs, and now having become familiar with it join me for a run over of all of its features!

Named after legendary F1 World Champion, Ayrton Senna, the McLaren Ultimate Series car is built with one purpose in mind - to be as fast as possible for a road legal car at the track. Powered by a 4.0l twin turbo V8 with 800hp and 800nm of torque, along with radical aerodynamics that give it a whopping 800kg of downforce, it's quite something to reckon with.

In addition to that though, it features a number of clever technologies including the Race Mode where the hydraulic suspension system adjusts and lowers, active aerodynamics for the rear wing and front flaps, and a lot of things you might not otherwise know about how it operates.

Let's take a tour around the exterior to take in the features and complete specification of my car itself, chassis #281. On the exterior it's painted in MSO Cerulean Blue with satin blue tinted exposed carbon fibre, Dark Stealth wheels with Cerulean Blue centre-locks and MSO Silver brake calipers. Inside is largely carbon fibre and Alcantara with occasional Cerulean Blue touches to add small amounts of colour in a teardrop cabin that is as focused as intended for a car built for the racetrack.

What you might not know about the Senna though, are how you open the nose bridge and where to find the towing eye; what's behind each of the various opening flaps on the outside, and how exactly to operate the Race Mode and Active Dynamics Panel. Join me then, for a complete run through of all of the details that a Senna customer needs to know about their car!

Thanks for watching, Tim


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