Matt and Rebecca Zamolo play Hide and Seek in her Best Friend's apartment to discover the hidden secret of the Game Master Incorporated.

After the Game Master Network discovered that there is a secret hidden best friend they had to search the best friend apartment to find any clue available. When they entered no one was at home. Matt, Rebecca and Daniel Split up to see what they could discover. Matt found some game master spy gadgets while Daniel found a bean bag chair. Rebecca sees that there is a not so secret sign on Alice's door and tries to break in but there is no lock whatsoever. Alice all of the sudden returns and so does the GMI. Rebecca secretly attends the meeting. Alice's cerebral analysis is wearing off so they reactivate it. Now that Alice is missing what can we do to solve this mystery?

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Rebecca Zamolo - LAST TO LEAVE Bounce House on Roof Wins $10,000! (Game Master Challenge)

Matt and Rebecca - 24 Hours Trapped on Roof with Best Friend! (Secret Meeting with Game Master Spy)

Lucas and Marcus - Crushing Crunchy & Soft Things by Car! EXPERIMENT: WATERMELON vs CAR


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Many of you have asked if we are Project Zorgo or if we are affiliated with PZ4. No, we partnered with him one time but he betrayed us and he is now considered a rival.

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