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I had a chance to visit the Sabatti factory in Gardone, Italy. This company is one of the very few who manufacture barrels with cold forging method. This method is capable for manufacturing extremely durable barrels with very accurate dimensions. The technology was invented in Germany/Austria just before WW2, but it is still one of the best methods for making an accurate rifling and bore. Enjoy the trip!

Homemade Rifling Attachment for Lathe (Part 1)

----PART 2: ---- Due to concerns over the rifling in my previous barrel (which were justified) I will be b...

Rifling Machine Demonstration

Bill Hoover demonstrates how to rifle a barrel using a hand-operated rifling machine. The demonstration took place at Campus Martius in Marietta Ohio.

Rifling Machine

This video is of a sine bar rifling machine I've started building, I am attempting to build it from cheap, readily available parts sourced locally, fr...

IWA 2013 - The ugliest Pedersoli gun ever

Please support us at: Well... this little monster is a 22 Hornet caliber plinker with full tactical feel. The uglie...


The lost art of self reliance. Blacksmith forging steel on an anvil. Way back in the Viking days men have been forging steel in fire. SUBSCRIBE: htt...