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Ryan Reynolds has been named Man of the Year, Entertainer of the Year, Sexiest Man Alive, and Sexiest Dad Alive… so it’s no wonder that he’s been making bucketload after bucketload of cash.

In fact, Ryan Reynolds could spend over $5,000 every day for the next 50 years and he still wouldn’t be broke.

But it wasn’t always fast cars, giant mansions, and luxury vacations around the world for Rayn. Before this potty-mouthed actor got his big break, he was barely making enough to make ends meet. Clearly, he’s come full circle since then. Not only is Ryan one half our favourite Tinseltown couple, but he’s also a business owner, producer, car collector, and big spender.

So how’d this Canadian superhero get to where he is today? And more importantly, how does he spend all that extra-crisp cash? Let’s find out.

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00:00 Intro
00:39 Rewind: Rise to fame
02:31 Producing Deadpool
03:25 Producing isn’t his only business:
05:43 Car collection
07:34 Real estate
08:32 Vacations & travelling
09:05 Jewellery for Blake LIvely
09:56 Ryan’s Fashion choices

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