The story of how a domestic terrorist was brought to justice after a 17-year crime spree.

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Evanston - Illinois
Peter Klatt/Getty Images
Crime scene expert collecting evidence at the murder location. Law and police concept. Selective focus
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FBI team in office
Ugreen/Getty Images
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Man rubs a soldering copper tip on sandpaper. Close up
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Close-up angry boss beats his fist on the table.
magicmore/Getty Images
Dissatisfied angry boss scolds and punches the table with his fist. Aggression at work.
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Writing a short note on notebook
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Close up, slow motion clip,Electricians are using soldering to repair electrical equipment.
cheangchai4575/Getty Images
Fine dust sparkles in the light
cbglp2/Getty Images
Empty School Corridor Interior.
istockmaradona/Getty Images
Chicago and Train Tracks
m1interactive/Getty Images
Law Quadrangle university of Michigan Ann Arbor Aerial view
pawel.gaul/Getty Images
Fence with barbed wire
?????? ???????/Getty Images
The classroom where nobody is
Koji_Ishii/Getty Images
Old library. The camera moves along two high bookshelves. Cinematographic frame. For horror stories, archived videos and movies. Shelves with books.
Aleksandr_Hakh/Getty Images
master repairs chip
Albert_Karimov/Getty Images
Aerial View People in University Courtyard Enjoying Blooming Cherry Blossoms
ChrisBoswell/Getty Images
Mail Distribution Centre
beaucroft/Getty Images
Plane flying over head on blue sky, 4к. Airplane takeoff into the sky.
Radachynskyi/Getty Images

Woman comforting man worried about finances
Stusya/Getty Images
Beautiful wooden house in alpine countryside scenery
roibu/Getty Images
Aerial shot of a generic prison correctional detention center
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Vintage Tv Green Screen. Aesthetics of the 80s. Black and White Tone. Zoom Out.
istockmaradona/Getty Images
Distant Approach To Sacramento Tower Bridge From Boat On River
jeffwqc/Getty Images
Generic Office or Storefront in Large City
OrlowskiDesigns/Getty Images
8mm Film Projector With Lens Flare
mphillips007/Getty Images
farmhouse interior
ilia parubenko/Getty Images
Turning Diary Pages
pboti/Getty Images
Clerk searching for a file in the filing cabinet drawer: business management and archives
demaerre/Getty Images
Drone Flying by Fall Leaves in Forest with Golden Sun Flare on River Water
OpenRangeStock/Getty Images
View of the Tower Bridge, Sacramento
hstiver/Getty Images
Man making proposal to his girlfriend with wedding ring with stone, engagement
Motortion/Getty Images
On the microscope lens, manually close (open) the diaphragm to correct exposure
cinejinn/Getty Images
Businessman Preparing reports papers with graphs, charts on Stacks of documents files for finance in office. Piles of unfinished document achieves with paper clip. Concept of Business Annual Report.
smolaw11/Getty Images
Dirty old details and wires
Kustvideo/Getty Images
Mental Health Disorder - Depression
MUlmer/Getty Images
stack of newspapers
ronstik/Getty Images
Books on bookshelf in the library
Adkasai/Getty Images
4K AERIAL: Man in Prison / Jail Cell Pacing
Purplevideos/Getty Images
Concept learning and knowledge. Bookstore shelves with book stacks in bookstore
is8/Getty Images
Pan shot of under chairs in a lecture
Adkasai/Getty Images
Aerial view of high elevation forest and road mountain peak
dbrentwatson/Getty Images
Lecturer at the university leads the lesson
Dmitry_Bagrov/Getty Images
Person in witness protection program during police interview
stevanovicigor/Getty Images
Pen writes
cinejinn/Getty Images
Silhouette of young student reading a book in a library
KinoMasterskaya/Getty Images
Mail discovering.
drgost/Getty Images
By air mail
drgost/Getty Images
Stacked books
Freeonestock/Getty Images
Depressed & Isolated Man
Gizmo_Pictures/Getty Images
Package on Doorstep
OrlowskiDesigns/Getty Images
Wind chimes moving
Mirkic/Getty Images

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