WASSUPP?! I'll be teaching you how to Lucid Dream! Over the past few years of trying to fully master lucid dreaming and I've tried method after method. In this video go over the most effective strategies to achieving your very first lucid dream! If you have any stories to tell feel free to leave them down in the comments below along with any questions. (I try my best to answer everyone)

UPDATE: I made a easier lucid dreaming method for beginners! →

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→ 1.Reality check: plug nose/ two fingers thru palm at least 10 times a day, especially when anything feels off. Make this a habit until you do it without thinking, Eventually and inevitably you will do it in a dream granting you lucidity! (DILD= Dream induced lucid dream) Level- Easy Patience, Consistency

→ 2.Wake up in the middle of the night and stay awake for 5-20 minutes until your BEYOND tired. Then go back to sleep in a comfortable position, roll over once to tell your brain you're ready to sleep and keep your mind awake and active. You'll pass thru sleep paralysis then jump straight into a lucid dream. If you're scared to experience sleep paralysis check out my video on it! (WILD= Wake induced lucid dream) Level- Hard, very effective

→ 3. Read some of your past lucid dreams from your dream journal to help better recall what being lucid is like (MILD = mnemonically induced lucid dream) Level- Easy

→ 4.Stay calm, don't get too excited and wake yourself. It is a common mistake that people get too hyped up once they realize they have become lucid that they wake their selves up.

→ 5.Once you're lucid, tell yourself "I am dreaming I am dreaming" over and over again. This will help prevent you forgetting your lucid and make things more vivid.

→ 6.Be creative!

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