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Hey dukeys, in this video I probably take away any chances of an Amazon sponsorship lol. Anyways, I show you how to make a cool paper mache sculpture using only Amazon boxes, glue, paint and a few basic tools. Also, a bunch of you were asking where my merch store went. I'm in the process of changing companies and will hopefully have it up and running soon. I'll be sure to make an announcement over on Twitter, so give me a follow there if you want to keep up with me and what I'm doing (I post there almost daily). Love you guys

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I turn a Rusty Hatchet into a Beautiful little Battle Axe

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Turning Plastic Forks into ART with FIRE

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Dadgum! I turn another rock into a pendant. Also, giveaway results!

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I Turn Jimmy Diresta's Ice pick into a Miniature SWORD

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How Will A Plasma Globe REACT In Water?

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