There are rooms on the Frying Pan platform that one can stay. Here is a guy staying in the Hurricane going through today....just lounging in the "breeze".....check out the flag in tatters and the huge swells.

Frying Pan Tower Auction

The Frying Pan Tower is being auctioned! Watch and learn how you can join the bidding at!

Hurricane Arthur at The Frying Pan Tower Adventure

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How It's Made - Frying Pans

Discovery / Science Channel's "How It's Made" Frying Pans S25E10

Shark Cruises by Frying Pan Cam.

Our underwater camera at the Frying Pan tower caught this sand tiger shark cruising by. It's an awesome sight to see this magnificent creatures up clo...

Female Condor Shows Off 9-Foot Wingspan During Feeding Visit With Chick – Aug. 14, 2019

During a long feeding visit with her chick, the female California Condor spreads her impressive wings in the sun. Measuring 9 feet from tip to tip, co...

How to Clean a Stainless Steel Frying Pan

This is a video to show how I clean a dirty stainless steel fry pan. Thanks and good luck!