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Parkourse on the Playground! (Ep.10)

We're BRINGING IT BACK! Here is the first parkourse of the year! Nigahiga Channel HigaTV Channel

I Tried Kidnapping My Friend 3 Times

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I Dare You: Pain Edition!

Leave your dares in the comment section, or tweet/facebook it to me. I'll be taking screenshots of the most creative ones and the dares with the most...

TOP 25 MOST VIEWED TWITCH CLIPS OF 2017 [VIRAL] (Shroud, Drdisrespect, Boogie2988, Reckful, & More)

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vines that momentarily cure my depression

credit where credit is due, etc.

I Dare You (ft. Lindsey Stirling)

Leave your dares and who you want to see next in the comment section for the next I DARE YOU episode! Thank you to Linsdey for coming out to Vegas an...