All I wanted was some good friggin food.


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Camping Unprepared

Don't EVER go camping unprepared....I sucked....I didn't like it. Here are my stories *Dun dUUN* (like that one sound effect from that one sh...

Scams That Should be Illegal

You fell for my scam, you actually clicked the video. Halloween Merch ➤ Second Channel ➤

My Crazy Imagination

I had a very active imagination when I was a kid so heres an embarrassing story about how I used said imagination Merch Store:

Annoying Customers (Feat. Theodd1sout & ItsAlexClark)

I can't seem to get a break can I? Huge thanks to my lovely guests. if you somehow have no idea who they are here are some links! Theodd1'sout: htt...

The Girlfriend Fairy

By the time something happens for the fifth time, it becomes a pattern. Let's talk about the Girlfriend Fairy. LME SOCIAL STUFF: Twitter: https://twi...