Oh those CLASSIC millionaire adrenaline junkies. They'll stream anywhere!

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I Made a Millionaire to Stream in Only Deadly Places - Streamer Daily - Let's Game It Out



Streamer Daily contains 75 games in 15 different genres. You can play a unique mini game for each type of game.

The games will be easier according to the power of your computer and you will become a more popular streamer by increasing your achievements.

Also your own skills will be important to get high scores in every game.

You can grow your personal space by moving to larger homes. More expensive items mean be more popular, and being more popular means more followers.

Hundreds of furniture that you can furnish as you wish is waiting for you in AKEI store.

How about broadcasting with a beautiful view by considering the illumination of your home according to what time of day you are?

The most important requirement to be a good publisher is to have a good computer.

By upgrading your OBS add-ons, you can broadcast better quality and increase your reputation by taking care of your audience.

You can buy hundreds of PC parts either online or in the store.

With a quality computer, you can improve your broadcasts and increase your audience, followers, subscribers and donations.

You can participate in tournaments over the Internet and show your awards at home.

Doing business on the internet, buying and renting houses, taking out a loan from the bank, open a skin safe are some of the other activities you can do.

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