What a ride it has been...
I've survived 2000 days in Hardcore on 63 nights of sleep, while building my little heart out. There are definitely no plans of slowing down, all the best.... is yet to come!

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Thumbnail art by Kweenkitten:

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00:01 Truce No More - Dream Cave

01:02 Jumping Jack - Xack
02:25 Leap Of Faith - Edgar Hopp
05:05 Days of Hope - Hampus Naeselius
07:12 Villain Versus Young Hero - Grant Newman
9:16 And Then We Fell from the Sky - Across The Great Valley
12:56 Realm Of Gabriel - Golden Anchor
15:40 The Proving Grounds - Dragon Tamer
16:38 Apollo - Dream Cave
18:14 A Hero Will Know - Bonnie Grace
19:46 Destiny Rising - FormantX
20:03 Dark Utopia - FormantX
20:34 Light Utopia - FormantX
21:22 Radiate - At The End of Times & Nothing
23:40 Dauntless - Jo Wandrini
25:13 The Lost Cities - Johannes Bornlöf
27:20 The Unexplored - Philip Ayers
28:09 Colliding Stars - Jon Sumner
29:03 Goliath - Dream Cave

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