In this project we build an Iron Man ring from a 60mm Stainless steel connection nut, although only 30mm was used and the final length was 27mm. I used M20 (metric 20mm) because that's the size of the finger I wanted it for once the threads are removed with a Carbide burr and a Dremel. If you are new to working in metal Stainless steel is quite hard, but Brass would be a better choice if you can find it.

Most of the geometry was cut with an angle grinder and a thin cutting blade (I always wear a mask and full protective face guard). After filing into shape, I used good a quality 1mm drill bit for the eyes, then opened them out with a jewellers saw and small file.

I kind of liked the finish without the glowing eyes, but to get that effect I used 6mm Tritium isotopes which are used as fishing lures.

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Music tracks used were from
Nothing Comes Close - Craig Reever

And from
Foxistance - DayFox

Planet Legacy - Roman P

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