This might get emotional if we find RZ twin defeated. First Matt and Rebecca created "Playing Among Us Hand Cuffed Boyfriend Vs Girlfriend at Piper Rockelle's House in Real Life." Next Rebecca Zamolo uploaded "The END GAME..." Finally the Game Master Network made "Rebecca's Twin Reveals Her Real Parents! Searching for Missing Best Friend." Now we have to find out if RZ twin is dead or alive after the end game. It starts with a hide and seek chase with the RHS, the Shining and a quadrant. Its not Matt's best friend its Mr X who is our evil nemesis' brother. Hopefully we don't get defeated. Finally RZ twin says she is our leader. If we have to follow the leader and do what she says for 24 hours this might be a bad idea. Rebecca is finally rescued but can we trust anyone? Can we trust Daniel? This is super sus and we need to figure this mystery out. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021.

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