How accurate is the TV show House MD and medical dramas in general compared to real life? I dust off my old DVDs and give it a watch. I explain what’s happening on screen, breaking down the medicine and sharing some of my experiences as a real doctor.

Its been fun revisiting Scrubs, House MD and discovering The Good Doctor, Grey’s Anatomy, The Resident and ER!

I used to love this show as a medical student, so thought I'd revisit it knowing what I know now and see if it holds up!

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House “Everybody Lies” - Season 1 - Episode 1
Available here:

House “Everybody Lies” - Season 1 - Episode 1
Multiple clips used:

Cartoon spike:

Explosion from EastEnders:

TV Static:

Dr Watson taken from Jude Law in Sherlock Holmes (WB):

House theme tune:

London’s Burning TV ad:

DJ air horn sound effect:


David Cameron clip:

Song 'Escapists' by The AutoDisko
Song 'Echinoderm Regeneration' by Jingle Punks'
Song 'See you Soon’ by Otis McDonald
Song ‘New Land’ by ALBIS

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