Nobody in Hollywood has done as many stunts as Jackie Chan. You can tell by the way he can guess exactly what's about to go down in these stunts.

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Jackie Chan on Ellen (full)

Full interview of Jackie Chan on Ellen. (2008/04/10)

Penn & Teller Attempt Mind-Blowing Card Trick On Steve Harvey

You're only gonna be able to say one word after watching Penn & Teller's trick with Steve Harvey: HOW? SUBSCRIBE to get the latest from #STEVETVShow:...

Jackie Chan Makes Conan Feel The Hole In His Head - CONAN on TBS

Jackie likes to do his own stunts, which sometimes result in the odd skull cracking. More CONAN @ Team Coco is the officia...

Jackie Chan Has Some Fun

Jackie Chan dropped by the show today to chat with Ellen and he proved to be quite a riot! He showed how hard it is for him to call 411, and serenaded...

Harveys Hundreds' Player Reveals What She Didn't Want You To See Last Time

Jacqueline played 'Harveys Hundreds' with Steve Harvey a couple of months ago. What you didn't know was that she fell hard on the way down from her s...

Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan - Lopez Tonight (6/16/2010)

Subscribe to this awesome Vlogging channel: Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan - Lopez Tonight (6/16/2010) http://www.lope...