Jake Gyllenhaal's Happy Thanksgiving

Things didn't go according to plan for Jake Gyllenhaal and his family this Thanksgiving. He shared a hilarious story of his misadventure with Ellen.

Jake Gyllenhaal Gets a ‘Mad’ Scare

Jake Gyllenhaal previously revealed to Jimmy Fallon that one of his dreams is to be on the cover of Mad magazine, so Ellen not only made his dream com...

Jimmy Gifts Jake Gyllenhaal an Uncouth Backscratcher

Jake Gyllenhaal got called out for scratching his back with a fork in public, so Jimmy gives him a special gift. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show St...

Reese Witherspoon's Magical Answer for Everything

The "Sing" actress told an adorable story about her 4-year-old son and her go-to solution for just about everything.

Jake Gyllenhall Funny&Cute Moments 2

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Jake Gyllenhaal's Hand Injury

He showed Ellen his war wound from a recent on-set mishap, and told her the story that went with it!