Kicking off our post Super Bowl show, Jake Paul stops by and is talking about everything from growing up in the internet spotlight to his transition into boxing to when and if trash talking is ever too much. It doesn't take long for things to heat up and get intense!

Channing questions Jake's level of internet stardom as success and pushes him to explain why he thinks he deserves the same respect as other professional fighters. Recently, Jake has made headlines for calling out UFC Fighter Connor McGregor as well as jawing with boxing royalty Floyd Mayweather about getting in the ring. Jake says Floyd is going to ruin his legacy trying to fight him or his brother Logan. Although Channing questions Jake as a legitimate boxer, Brandon and Fred respect his commitment to the sport as Jake opens up about how boxing saved his life and gave him purpose in a time where he was struggling to hold on to his stability.

The war of words continues as things heat up over Jake taking it too far calling out McGregor's wife and Channing not respecting his position of notoriety but Jake immediately snaps back that internet influencers don't care about football players so it goes both ways. Before the show ends, Jake doesn't miss the chance to crush Brandon's boxing aspirations as he bluntly tells him that stepping in the ring with anyone, let alone Deontay Wilder, would end in him getting quickly knocked out. Brandon disagrees but Fred and Channing chime in that it would be a sleepover in the ring if Brandon tries his luck.

Chef Nancie, coming off her national tv cooking debut on Good Morning America, prepares a healthy meal for Jake who's in training camp for his upcoming April fight against Ben Askren. Acknowledging that she could be his mother, her charm and cooking skills win Jake over as he is ready to make her his personal chef!


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