Chael Sonnen is a retired mixed martial artist who last competed in the light heavyweight division of the UFC. He also hosts his own podcast called "You're Welcome with Chael Sonnen" available on iTunes.

Joe Rogan Experience #717 - Steve-O

Steve-O is a stunt performer, comedian, clown, actor, producer, author, and television personality. He is taping his comedy special for Showtime on No...

Joe Rogan Experience #1227 - Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson is the former undisputed heavyweight boxing champion of the world. Check out his new podcast called "Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson" on YouTube:...

Joe Rogan Experience #1117 - Tim Kennedy

Tim Kennedy is a Ranger, sniper, Special Forces Operator, and recently retired UFC Fighter.

Joe Rogan Experience - #821 & Fight Companion - Joey Diaz

Joe is joined by Joey "CoCo" Diaz to watch the fights on July 7, 2016.

Joe Rogan Experience #898 - Bas Rutten & Mauro Ranallo

Bas Rutten & Mauro Ranallo are the former announcing team for Pride FC, and can now be heard together on their podcast "Rutten & Ranallo" available on...

Joe Rogan Experience #1312 - Ms. Pat

Ms. Pat is a comedian, actress, and author. Her new podcast "The Patdown" is available now on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.