David Gergen OWNS Ed Martin, “You’ve Said So Many Wrong Things, I Don’t Know Where to Start”

Trump and Roy Moore Supporter Ed Martin has his FACE handed to him by the veteran Presidential Advisor David Gergen.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Stelter Mocks Hannity’s Ultimatum on Roy Moore

on CNN Chris Cuomo and Stelter , Trevor Noah Mocks Hannity’s Ultimatum on Roy Moore

Angela Rye SLAM$ 0USTED WH Staffer Omarosa Manigault, "She Didn't D0 ANYTHlNG T0 Help Black Causes"

Angela Rye minced N0 Words in her SCÁTHING assessment of Omarosa Manigault's TlME spent in the Whitehouse. Most staffers were unsure of what Manigault...

"What's The BIBLE Say About Dat_ing Teen Girls?" Victor Blackwell OWNS Roy Moore's Pastor,

Victor Blackwell jumps in at the end of Christi Paul's interview with Alabama Pastor Mike Allison with a question that he couldn't hold back.

Trump Is QUlETLY Appointing All-WHlTE Judges To Federal Courts, "He Wants A L0YALTY Pledge"

In an effort to restructure the nation's federal judiciaries in his own image, Trump has been PERS0NALLY interviewing Judges that bend to his will; SH...