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In this clip, John Salley talked about accurately predicting LeBron's move to the Los Angeles Lakers and how he sees the Lakers beating the Warriors. John Salley also mentioned that he believes Carmelo Anthony will be a member of the Lakers before the season is over. John Salley and Vlad also discussed the KD vs. LeBron comparison and whether the Showtime Lakers would've beaten the Warriors.


To celebrate the 54 anniversary of John Salley this is an ultimate mix of him when he played with the legendary Bad Boys of Detroit in the 80's

John Salley on Colleges 'Pimping Out' Players for Free Scholarships (Part 2)

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John Salley on Bulls vs Pistons Rivalry: We Put Jordan on His Back (Part 4)

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Prime Carmelo Anthony vs Dirk Nowitzki SICK Game 3 Duel Highlights (2009 Playoffs) - Melo CLUTCH!

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John Salley Remembers When Pippen Met Ex Wife, Future Cheating Rumors (Part 6)

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Salley: 'Jordan not greatest ever'

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