What You Need To Know About Jupiter's Legacy
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Who would’ve thought it’d be such a great time to be an indie comic book fan! With the success of recent hits like The Boys and Umbrella Academy, it seems like streaming services are really down to invest in lesser known superhero stories and comics in general!

Following suit with this, a short teaser was recently released for Netflix’s latest comic book adaptation, Jupiter’s Legacy, based on the Image Comics series written by Mark Millar.
He’s perhaps most known for writing two “small” Marvel Comics events.... Civil War, and Old Man Logan… Maybe you’ve heard of them?

Of course, I’d imagine some of you are wondering what THIS show is all about.

For some background on Jupiter’s Legacy, the original comic follows a group of superheroes called the Union, who first received their powers when going on an island expedition in the 1930s. In the present day, the team is seen as superstars, but their children appear to have fallen into the trappings of fame and fortune, and struggle to navigate that kind of lifestyle while attempting to live up to the family name.

Mark Millar, who also serves as an executive producer, actually drew comparisons of the series to The Incredibles, but if the kids were a NIGHTMARE!

So join us in today’s video, where we’ll be discussing everything you need to know about Jupiter’s Legacy!

0:00 Intro

0:32 What’s it about?
2:21 Production Details
3:39 Casting

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Narrated by: Grant Kellett @Gtalkstoomuch
Edited by: Aaron Redublo

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