It's the audio debate that has caught the Internet by storm - what do you hear? We asked consumers to vote.

'GMA' Hot List: The 'laurel' vs. 'yanny' debate divides the nation

Plus, a Michigan woman finds 50 pounds of pine cones underneath the hood of her car and a dog jumps in the pool to rescue his friend in a viral video.

Solving the Yanny & Laurel debate once and for all

Here's what it really says And I just dropped some new merch: Twitter: Facebook page: ht...

Yanny Or Laurel? Robot Recording Sparks Fierce Debate

It's the next great Internet debate. Jeff Michael reports.

Yanny / Laurel - Removing High/Low Frequencies

Okay, you're not crazy. If you can hear high freqs, you probably hear "yanny", but you *might* hear "laurel". If you can't hear high freqs, you probab...

Is it Yanny or Laurel?!

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